All it takes is 15 minutes a day to become a Manifestation Magnet!

The Law of Attraction is real. You are already living a life you have manifested.

Good news! There are tools to attract what you want, with more intention.

Use these systems and tools to:

  • Shift your mindset and welcome abundance
  • Break past cycles of scarcity and limitation
  • Attract more of what you want starting now
  • Track your progress along the journey
Yes! I Want To Live My Dreams

Watch new opportunities that support your dreams manifest in your life!



Manifest money, dream partnerships, instant solutions to long-standing problems, ideal clients, life-changing business opportunities, holy grail resources, brilliant ideas, and more.


4 Step Manifestation Magnet Process

  1. Gratitude
  2. Visualization
  3. Meditation
  4. Action

People all over the world have transformed their lives by powering up their Manifestation Magnet. Now, it's your turn.


✅  Start to feel the difference after 7 days of consistent practice
✅  Within 30 days, you will see your results begin to shift


Imagine what you could manifest…

  • ATTRACTION MADE EASY: Each page is filled with journaling prompts guiding you through 4 simple steps to manifest your ideal life!
  • 15 MINUTES DAILY: This is not about you spending hours in your journal. Achieve high-impact results with focus and direction.
  • MANIFEST YOUR DESIRES: As you use this process consistently, your desires become magnetized to you!

I'm Ready To Manifest My Dreams



What's Included In This Journal?

The Manifest Your Dreams Journal is a 120-day journal filled with prompts to help you achieve clarity, attract abundance and begin manifesting your dreams!

  • 4-STEP MANIFESTATION MAGNET PROCESS: Manifest your dreams over the next 4 months with this step-by-step guide, 15 minutes a day
  • INSPIRING QUOTES: Thoughts from leaders like Steve Jobs, Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, Abraham Hicks, etc.
  • POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS: Stay on track and energized with an affirming confidence boost
  • YOUR INSPIRATION VAULT: Feel even more inspired by the abundance you attract when you use this space to hold your “treasures”!
  • MANIFEST ON OVERDRIVE: Attract even more of what you want by appreciating what you’ve already attracted
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Why Affirmation Cards?

The Manifest Your Dreams Affirmation Cards bring inspiration, clarity, and messages for their owners throughout the day.

Pull a card when you are journaling, needing a message from the universe or desiring inspiration!

Using your affirmations should be fun and come from a playful place!

These cards make great gifts! Party favors or gifts for masterminds, retreats, etc.

Affirmation Cards Can Help:

  • Attract more resources and opportunities to support you
  • Reprogram your mind to think more positive thoughts

What's Included In This Card Deck?

  • 27 Tarot-sized cards
  • Uplifting messages to energize and inspire you!
  • Full color, front and back
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Most Popular

Purchase the Manifest Your Dreams Journal and Manifest Your Dreams Affirmation Cards together as a bundle for either yourself or as a thoughtful gift!


Bundle Bonuses:

  • Save on shipping and tax when purchased together
  • Includes a personalized dream dedication from the author, Diana!
  • For bulk order discounts, email: [email protected]
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To experience the fastest turnaround possible with your journal, join the Manifestation Magnet Masters weekly journal group.


Take your manifestation mastery skills to the next level when you combine the journal with expert guidance and accountability. 


What's Included?

  • Know how to use gratitude, visualization, meditation, and action to manifest, with 4 instant access videos describing each step.
  • Get your questions answered and stay accountable with 4 live group accountability sessions each month.
  • Access to our private Facebook community.
  • BONUS:  A personalized and signed Manifest Your Dreams journal, shipped directly to you!
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"In May I started using Diana's Manifest Your Dreams Journal in combination with her Manifestation Magnet coaching group and I really loved it!

I'm a bit of a journaling junkie and was feeling like I was spending too much time on it in the mornings. Diana's journal gives me structure and keeps things concise while covering all the aspects of the manifestation process.

Since starting the journal, I have been more empowered and focused on my goals than ever before. I've gained so much clarity, been able to eliminate distractions, and say yes to more inspired opportunities that are in alignment with what I'm trying to achieve.

I can NOT wait to see what manifests after a year! I've already made this journal a staple in my daily routine and will buy another one as soon as I fill this one up.

The group was extremely helpful too because Diana really helped us to understand the science behind why it works. Plus hearing the successes of all the other members makes you even more excited about your own dreams. I highly recommend this woman!"


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